Water is an inherently unstable surface. Kumo Board develops the balance, muscle memory and core strength needed for paddlesports success, from the comfort of your living room. Or take your workout outdoors, Kumo Board is durable and waterproof!

Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness Home Gym

Balance, posture and stabilizer muscles are prepped at home so they're ready when you hit the water.

kumo board seated row fitness balance board

Seated row using Kumo Board with disc. Stabilizer muscles needed for kayaking are activated together with the strength conditioning of the row. 

Paddlesports activities require balance and muscle memory that's often difficult to simulate on land. Kumo Board provides an unstable surface in a controlled environment, allowing kayakers and stand up paddlers to develop the balance, muscle memory and core strength needed for on-water success.

Kumo Boards at work during a training event for Stand Up Paddlers.

Josh Hall ACA ITE SUP Instructor Trainer

Josh Hall is a multi-discipline Instructor Trainer Educator for the ACA.  Below Josh breaks down how he's been using Kumo Board with his students.

Not everyone can make it to the water every day, so how does a new paddler effectively develop muscle memory and balance, and how does an experienced paddler refine their skills to a higher degree?  Kumo Boards help my students become aware of muscles essential for balance and stability on the water, muscles they may not be engaging or even realize they have!  Just a few minutes a day on a Kumo Board can aide a paddler in developing their body awareness and strength in the winter or on non-paddling days.

Stand Up Paddleboarders really benefit from the board and disc combo to feel the extension and flexion in their ankles and even toes.  Kumo Board helps bring these muscles to life! I'm also able to help students center themselves by tucking their tailbone and thus aligning the spine.  This engages core muscles, improves posture and reduces strain on the lower back. 

Kayakers can certainly stand and use Kumo Board as a traditional 'balance board' (with disc or roller) to work on vision and strengthen core/legs. I also use it while sitting to work on posture, separating the upper and lower body and to help students learn to control the "boat" with hip movements. The Kumo Board forces you to sit with neutral hips and a forward tilt. 

One of my favorite things about the Kumo Board is that you can change the configuration (board alone, board + disc, board + roller) and the inflation level to match the appropriate challenge for the learner.