The Inflatable Balance Board

For Surf Training, Physical Therapy, Exercise, Standing Desk, Kids & Families



We grew up surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding and have always loved using balance boards. First just for fun to practice our balance skills, then as a high-performance piece of exercise equipment to enhance our workout routines. As we grew up and had kids of our own we felt there must be a way to make balance boards softer and more user-friendly for kids, and also to reduce the potential for damage to furniture, walls and our own aging bodies!  The ah-ha! moment happened while using inflatable paddle boards, which are rigid while at the same time soft and comfortable. We immediately set to work testing prototypes of an inflatable balance board. As we tested the designs, we realized that not only did it work just as well as a hard wooden balance board when fully inflated, but that you could lower the pressure in the board and roller to make it easier to learn on! And it also worked great as a comfy standing desk balance board, so much so that during testing we thought it felt like balancing on a cloud. Kumo means cloud in Japanese, so that’s how we came up with the name. Plus we thought it just sounded cool.  It tooks us over two years, but we perfected the design, received our patent and successfully launched on Kickstarter. Today Kumo Boards are replacing hard wooden and plastic balance boards in active households around the globe. Hop on one today and discover the difference!               Stay Balanced, Jimmy & Dan


The soft board and roller are great in tighter spaces because less chance of "whacking" something or someone.


The ability to inflate and deflate offers so much diversity in my training as well as makes it beginner friendly.


As a family of active individuals this has helped us work on core strength and balance for all of our activities.